Find the Best Available 8mm and Super 8 Projectors, Parts and Lamps

8mm Projector Rental

8mm projector rental provides an inexpensive way to view films that might otherwise be unviewable.

There continue to be many films that are not available on modern digital projection systems. This can include such things as home movies, old film footage or even pieces of silent film. If you wish to watch one of these films without paying the cost of purchasing an 8mm projector, then you might consider renting a projector. 8mm projectors can be rented from a number of different locations, including likely some in your local area. Before I continue, please be aware of one thing. Be sure not to confuse Super 8 and 8mm projectors. They are different technologies and are incompatible, so be sure to check your film to ensure that you are renting the right kind of projector.

When looking for a rental projector, you may as well first try to attain one for free. Because there is a lot of archived film stock that still exists in 8mm format, you can check to see if any public institutions have one available. Sometimes 8mm projectors will be available for rent from your local public library. They may not have dusted them off for a while, but they are generally there. The second place to ask is at the local university library. They may have some projectors on file, and may rent them at a nominal fee. Third, you might consider asking the film club at your local university or college. They may not have an 8mm projector available for rent themselves, but they will often know where to find one easily.

If the free sources don’t work, don’t panic. There are still a number of sources for renting 8mm projectors. You should look around for what is called “AV rentals” or “Audio Visual Rentals” in your local Yellow Pages. These stores generally have available a number of different obsolete types of film projection, and at a reasonable cost. Such a rental will usually cost about twenty to thirty dollars, though the exact price can vary greatly from area to area.

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